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Business of the Ministry
Outreach Update
Hope for Magdalene
Thu, Nov 19 2009
November 20th 2009 Magdalene Hope Ministry Outreach
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Outreach Update
November 20th 2009 Magdalene Hope Ministry Outreach
Attended by:    
                        Doug Bennett
                        Priscilla Bennett
                        Mike Porter
                        Rod Haynes
                        Amy Urena
                   Kevin Johnson

On this night there were 6 people who came to minister we had some wonderful fellowship putting together the gift bags of our card, hair reconstructor, breath mints, condemns, earrings, pregnancy tests, hand sanitizer and some delicious Dewar’s Chews ...In all we had 20 Gift bags to distribute  5 people went out to minister and Rod stayed behind to pray @ Crossroads.  Before we went out we got together to share a word of encouragement and study for an hour together. Then was laid on our face in confession to God before the Alter  and worshiped…. After we got right with God we prayied about and got into our teams of 2 or more. Amy and Mikey and Doug Priscilla and Kevin set out to hit the streets. 

Team 1 Amy and Mikey went up and down V street  and ran into Foxy Divine. Divine says that she doesn’t  do drugs but wanted prayer for her and her daughter to get a place of their own. Then towards the end of they night they met up with Alisha. They were just going to give her a care package but when they pulled up to talk to her she asked for a ride home. On the way to her place they introduced themselves to her and explained why they were out there and she broke down… She said that she didn’t want to do and couldn’t do it (Prostituting) anymore… Alisha said that that morning there was a murder of one of the working girls her name was Crystal Lopez she was found hung and bound in her hotel room with her 3 children and it scared her to death to be out there. The Lord said to give her some money and she cried and cried when she counted it… She said that the place she was staying at was not going to let her stay if she didn’t make some money she was going to beg them to let her sleep there and now she thinks that they will let her stay with her child there (her child is welcomed but not her)… When they got to the house Alisha ran to the house and showed them the money and they let her stay she ran back out had so much joy on her face and thanked over and over for the help… Then the team prayed for her and let her know that if she wanted to get off the streets she could call the ministry and we would do anything and everything to help her get a good place to stay… Please pray for these 3 women and the 3 Children who were left behind of Crystal Lopez… Just another reminder of how important it is to be out on the streets…

Team 2 Doug, Priscilla and Kevin they drove around and ran into Alandra who they had met before and she needed 2 gift bags so they hooked her up. They met up with Lynn who was an older gal and Michael Lilly and 2 other girls they didn’t get their names. They ran into Brenda  who the team had prayed over her room before and they ministered to all of them… Loved them right where they were at.  

After the Bible Study that night we figured out that when we are out there we are being Jesus to these people and if Salvation is Marriage then this process is “Dating” or “Courting”. When you are dating someone you woo them to love you and that is exactly what Jesus is doing out there on the streets… Wooing his Bride… If you would like to participate in any way shape or form and you feel a tug on your heart please do not hesitate to give us a call or show up to one of our Events… Thank you for your interest and support! We love them and we love You!

Posted by magdalenehopeteam at 8:46 PM
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Sat, Oct 24 2009
Magdalene Hope Outreach 10-25-09

Sorry we have not been very faithful with the blogs laightly.... Does not mean that ministry is not happening though! It is!

On this night God did a great deal of ministering to Amy she had some issues she needed to work out with God before she went out to minister and God totally ministered to her and gave her what she needed in order to be free to minister to with a clear mind.... The enemies doubt Can discourage you from showing up and make you think that you shouldn't show up because of whatever is going on but after worship, confession, prayer and devotion there is nothing you cant do through Jesus who calls the unqualified for His great purpose....  The teams met for 3 Hours just getting filled with the Spirit and when they were good and ready they hit the street.... Normally they don't spend that much time but this night was necessary to spend that much time in preperation.... Priscilla had got her big toe nail pulled off by a laundry basket earlier and it was still bleeding she was in pain and STILL Showed up!!! Isn't God good? After praying for her she felt well enough to go out and minister.... God totally healed us all up and set us on our way full of the spirit overflowing....

On Team 1 there was Priscilla and Mikey
They got to meet up with 6 pros.....
Peaches - Former Prostitute
Salinda - Prayed with her
Sharron - She was in really bad shape they prayed with her
Strawberry - Prayed with her and revisited with her
Alishi & Lisa were together working and were very receptive to prayer

On Team 2 there was Doug and Amy
They got to meet up with 4 pros....
Toyon - Very Familiar with her she is pregnant due in Feb Pray for Baby and Her she wants to get off the streets
Coco - Doug met her at Crossroads to Recovery Church's Tues Feeding and Food give away she said that she has been attending and has been listening to the preachings
Coco's Friend - There was drama with her friend. Baby Daddy showed up and there were words exchanged and threats to coco's friend. She got on the phone and started calling the cops and when people saw that they scattered... Cops are not a welcomed guest on the streets... We took off as well...
Team 2 also met up with team 1's Sharron she was in very bad shape.

Please pray for these women to come to know that Lord and for courage to step out of their familiar ways... Pray for their hearts to be open to receive all the Love Jesus wants to pour into them...

Posted by magdalenehopeteam at 7:52 PM
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