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Business of the Ministry
Outreach Update
Hope for Magdalene
Fri, Feb 5 2010
Outreach Update Feb 5 2010
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Topic: Outreach Update

Hello everyone!


Thank you for checking in with us! Please pray for the requests we got!

 This is what happened at the outreach today.
The team got together at Crossroads to recovery church (AKA Our Headquarters) and Prayed and started the Devotion. It was the verse that said "As far as it depends on you be at peace with everyone" so the team  had a discussion about it and moved into confession after that worship then got loaded in a car and moved out to the streets.

The two men sat in the front sets and the female in the back.... This is important because when the Pro's see females they feel threatened automatically so they are very iffy about coming to the car.

So the team drove around up and down Union ave. It was a slow night and the usual spots were not taken by Pros. Then they noticed the abundance of Cops on patrol that night and realized that that was the reason the girls were scarce...

Nevertheless, they did manage to find some girls walking the streets....
 The team ran into "Esther" as she was crossing the bridge on Union and Freeway. Esther was very reluctant to walk up to the car and the team called her over and showed her the gift bag they had for her... She was still very skidish about the bag and said "What is it?" As the team began to show her what was in the bag she started backtracking and saying that sometimes people through eggs and things at her so she was scared....
(This is a common occurrence) Teenagers and Mean spirited people have chucked full water bottles, Cd's and trash at women in front of us... One of our team members have had things chucked at them as well...  Anyway, after that they asked her if she needed any prayer, She said yes, that she would love some, she said she was from San Francisco and she wanted very much to reunify with her husband and son. As the prayer enfolded she added in the prayer that she needed help wit han addiction and she was prayed for... as the prayer was ending the police rolled up on them and the prayer was interrupted abruptly. Esther quickly explained that they were just praying and the team started to apologize for being on a bridge. The police gave them grace and let them go unscathed! PRAISE JESUS... Esther would love some prayer over her addiction and her family!


Next the team met up with a very young gal named "Flexible". The team waited for her to exit a "Johns" vehicle and she quickly walked over to the team's vehicle... First thing out of her mouth was "I want to make some money" and The team offered her a gift bag.. she quickly decided to explain that she knows God and she attends church Daily. He also quoted John 3:16 and walked away... Please Pray for Her... we are almost positive that she was a "rookie" and we pray that the Lord reveal to her the consequences of this kind of "Work"

Last but certainly not least The team ran into Jada. She had just talked to a "Trick" and was going to walk over to where they were going to meet when the team called her over to their vehicle.  She got a gift bag and stated that she could use prayer for her whole family... Please Please pray for her.. She is young as well.

Thank You Thank You Thank You all for your wonderful prayers and support!

Posted by magdalenehopeteam at 9:56 PM
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